I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question. But I recently picked up a pair of EV passive speakers as the mains for my PA system. The problem is the speakers are rated at 400 watts and the powered mixer I'm using is only capable of 120 watts. The way it is currently set up, I am not pushing the powered mixer in terms of volume and there is very little hum or noise coming from the speakers, I'm just wondering am I risking damage to either the speakers or the power mixer? Because everything sounds fine to me so far.
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Speakers' power rating is what they can handle, not what they need. As long as you don't exceed their rating you won't do damage. Under powering them may result in a lesser sound, but it won't do damage.
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When you turn down your volume, you are using less power. Do your amp's speakers explode when you use less volume? I mean, just think about what you are asking.

If your car has 200 hp, it doesn't mean you are using all the 200 horses all the time. When you are driving slower, you are using less power. The same goes with amps. If an amp has 100 watts, you aren't using all the 100 watts when you are playing at lower volume levels.

The speaker wattage is all about power handling. If your amp has 100 watts, you need a speaker that can handle at least 100 watts.
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I would add that if your amp was 100w, and you intended to overdrive it, 100w speakers would probably be inadequate.

But yea, 120w powered mixer into 400w rated speakers should be absolutely fine. Also little noise = awesome.
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