One of my pride and joys, this song is a bit different from all my others in the fact that it only had one reoccuring riff. i normally like to do a typical arrangement

intro - verse - chorus - verse - chorus - bridge/break - solo - chrous - outro

for some reason i didnt go that route at all on this one. Im looking for honest opinions which will be verrrry easy for yall to give since yall dont know me.... so rant or praise.... either way... let me know what you think.
its funny you say that, i actually remember thinking that when i ifirst wrote it a few years ago, since then i havent thought about it at all. but i totally notice it now. its weird cause the tempo only changes from 120 to 180, which is the same thing proportionally(if i remember correctly, ive been out of the music phase of my life for quite awhile now so correct me if im wron) but yea, i dont think its a timing thing so much as it is just an awkward transition.
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Well, yeah, it's like you're playing in triplets but I still think it sounds kinda weird but that might just be me.

Edit: just like a little pause or something, so it lets your ears rest for a bit.
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you just shattered my universe cheesymozarella.. lol i had to look this up cause i was baffled that i couldnt fix the timing right on those 2 bars after reading your post. for the last like 6 years ive thought that an 8th note at 120 was a 1/4 note at 180... i always thought that because it always seemed like it was correct timing when i applied that formula (90:120, 120:180, etc.) to other songs... and it was technically right timing ... just not the way i thought it was. with this new knowledge i have no idea how to approach it. i like the track your on though, something does need to happen right before that tempo change. im actually thinking about scrapping that intro after all these years. ive never ran into this problem because i didnt know anybetter, lol one of the kinks of being self taught i guess
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Wow such nice, much metalcore. I liked it so much I improved the drums and mixing. The drums are incomplete but heres a preview: i can complete them later if you want
JJJ (3).gp5
yea... im not good at tabbing drums at all. lol the drums on this song were lazily and poorly done on my part... im a guitarist... never really cared about drumming so now im almost completely incapable of writing some good sounding solid drums. and you should totally finish up... i only wish the double pedal you put at the beginning was even FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
I kind of hate this genre in particular, so it really is a compliment that I dislike this :P Really though, you have great riffs, I like the tremolo picked riff at 59. Also the main theme of the song is nice. I still can't say I like it, but for what it is it's a good song imo. If I did like melodic metal and metalcore I'd probably love this song.