I play on a les paul, if that effects anything. I usually play in E standard, maybe a half step down. Drop D at the lowest. What strings would be good for this? (strings that dont break every time i bend on 17+ fret)
It actually does matter.

A Les Paul has a shorter scale length, so you need thicker strings to compensate for the tension loss.

I like 11s on an LP type if I'm playing half a step down, 10s if I keep it in standard all the time.
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depends on your action, but typically with a 24.75" scale, 10's for E standard, 11's for Eb
Really it is a completely personal issue. I prefer a 10-46 set on most any guitar tuned to standard, regardless of neck scale (I like the differences in tension that I get, I see it as part of the guitar's character). As a general recommendation I will back up what these guys ahead of me have recommended and say 10-46 for standard, 11-48 for a half step down, but to find what is right for you requires some experimentation.

In any case, good luck with your quest for perfect string gauge!
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I too use "10's". I think guitar strings are like underwear, you gotta go with what fits YOU. If you don't, they'll still work but they're not as comfortable. I have yet to see a "What underwear?" thread.
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i use .11's for just about everything. cheaper because you can buy in bulk, if .12 were a similar price i would use .12's. i like it very tight and thick top strings, as well as tolerable for the treble side but

thats me.
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in a les scale length, try 10 heavy bottom if you like to tune to drop D. keeps some tension on that low E with the thicker string.
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