I have an Orange Crush PX 100W 1x15 bass amp. Recently my bassist was playing out of it and the speaker stopped working. When you plug it in, it doesn't really even play hardly at all, you can very very faintly hear the playing and it literally sounds like poop.

I know nothing about bass amps, Im a guitarist who happens to own a bass amp for practices. The speaker doesn't look visibly different I've taken the tolex off of the front it looks visually fine. The light that shows that the amp is on still works. Tried two different basses and it doesn't work.

Any idea on what this would be?
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Well; it is very difficult to diagnose an amplifier failure without seeing the amp, but there are a few things you can try. First; check the rear panel to see that the correct voltage switch is selected. Second; check the fuse to see if it has blown. A number of things can cause the fuse to blow. Third; check the amplifier's input jack to see if any of the wires have broken off, or if the spring metal contact that touches the tip on the instrument cord's 1/4" jack plug has become bent or broken.

Another thing you can do - if you have not already done it - is to try playing a bass into that amplifier while using a different instrument cord. A short-circuited cord can kill the sound as easily as an amplifier malfunction.
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