Can someone please let me know what the best wireless guitar system to purchase is? I don’t care if it’s $500, I just want one that is high quality and worth the price!
I have been using the Line6 Relay series for several years now. Started with the smaller G30, and moved up to the G50. Very durable systems, I have never worried about interference, and the adjustable "cable length" is a nice touch. Look them up!
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Line 6 is what I would buy, for sure. I just saw the G50 on sale for $329 on HelloMusic...it is sold out now, but it might be worth paying attention to their site. Sometimes things come back.

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The old standard was, "Spend at least $500 on something with a Shure brand name."

Line 6's digital stuff was a quantum leap and ate Shure's lunch. I have the G50 (actually the G90, which uses the same transmitter). Shure has recently introduced gear designed to compete directly with the G50 on price and capability. I really haven't kept up with Sennheiser and the like, but I think probably the absolute best on the market might be Lectrasonics (but it's well over your budget).

The G50 has quietly become a standard of the industry in the $500 price range, but I can tell you that Line 6 hasn't been sitting still and that they also have developments afoot (*waggles eyebrows*).
The Line 6 digital wireless is rapidly establishing a new standard for wireless instrument systems. The digital design does not use a compander like the UHF wireless systems, and this is said to be a huge plus in preserving your tone. The compander really squishes your signal to facilitate transmission. The Line 6 digital devices also do not have the problem of "restricted UHF frequencies," which is a major headache for touring bands in Europe - so many UHF frequencies are restricted for military use only that if your UHF system has only a few frequencies from which to choose, you may be out of luck. There still exists among some guitarists a great prejudice against anything digital, but this is changing.

If you are set on a UHF system, then you have to be ready to spend some serious cash. The high-end UHF systems are worlds better than the low-end UHF systems, and if you do an A/B comparison, you will definitely notice the difference.

The G90 is the top-of-the-line Line 6 digital wireless system for instruments, and it sells new in the U.S.A. for about $600.00, so I would lean toward that one.
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My brand new G30 crapped out TWICE on the very first live gig. Total mystery because I ran it through several multi-hour rehearsals until the batteries died, with no problems. Only way to power it on was remove and replace the batteries. And yes, I am using Duracells per mfg. recommendation.

So promising... but now I CANNOT TRUST IT.

Anybody else have a #G30fail horror story?
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