Hi.. i'd like to know why almost every single guitar pro and power tab has been removed? Also i'd like to know when they'll be back or if they wont be back. I'm guessing the actual tab owners need to re-post them which half of them wont as these tabs have been uploaded from years ago. Is this some joke? I'm starting to feel like i just got ripped off by buying guitar pro 6 =.='
1. Wrong forum
2. They're gone
3. You shouldn't have bought GP6, you should torrent GP5
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Link to some of the tabs which are missing.
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I'll assume you were trying to point out this link.


And it's all there. It was taken down at the request of the publisher (aka the band).
Ear-transcribed tabs can be a touchy subject for copyright owners. Especially if they sell tab books. If they don't want it, then that's their thing. Don't take it out on UG. They're just complying with what they're told.
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