I've recently been recommended towards the sm57 clone form thomann, the t bone mb75, as i dont want to splash out on more expensive mics. From looking at reviews, its had a mixed response, but from some video tests it sounds quite alright. Has anyone had experience with this mic? Yay or ney?

Also, as far as the interface goes. I recently saw the lexicon alpha usb interface. It was really cheap, and had good reviews. Again has anyone had experience with this and is it a yay or ney?

Many Thanks
I have the Lexicon Alpha - I use it with AmpliTube3, yes its cheap, personally I think sounds like SH*T with Amplitube3...makes everything sound very similar, very mid heavy and kind of muddy, not much high end.

I'm using guitar straight into the Alpha....pretty powerful laptop driving it too.

If recording is important and you are going to be doing a bit of it personally I wouldn't buy it again...spend a bit more and get something better.
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Never tried that interface in particular, but judging from the symptoms I'd say the cause may be amplitube.
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