What amps can get a good tone from the Master of Puppets album?

Can any high gain tube amp with scoop mids get the tone?

I know a Mesa Mark Boogie II was used for the recording. but are there other amps that can nail the tone ?
you can consider any other high gain amp i guess such as peavey 6505+ or carvin legacy
I thought they used JCM 800's on that record? Looks like I was wrong then!

Then again Tallica have gone through so many amps and gear it's hard to keep track.
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Kill Em All was JCM800 boosted with Proco Rat if I remember correctly. But I'm pretty sure Master Of Puppets was already some Mesa amp combined with Marshall cabinets with Celestion G12-T75 speakers.

*edit* Quick search from the internet told me it was Mesa Mark C+ used as Preamp, Marshall power amp and Marshall speakers. Anyway, the sound is basically a rather scooped sounding amp (not talking about scooping the **** out of mids yourself but compared to Peaveys Mesa's I've heard have been scooped sounding) combined with cabinet with scooped speakers is the way to go. So midrange heavy 6505 might not be the best starting point. Maybe Engl Fireball 60?

*edit* My good old Mesa modded Peavey Valveking can do quite nice Metallica tone.

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Yeah I know Hammet was using a IIC+ on Puppets, but they used a lot of stuff on that record, so it's hard to pin down. Honestly any high gain amp with some scooped mids will probably approximate it reasonably well. Comparatively at this point it isn't that great anyhow.
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