It’s now 5 am in the morning -
I’ve got to use my talents to clear this God given head
from another elusive huntress
not in any hurry to help me get dress -
I sighed, “Maybe it’s time for you to find another man”.

Who would ever look after you the way I can?
Who can ever understand you the way I already do?
Everyday, I embody your thoughts
until I’m exactly everything you resent the most.
Only God could ever tear me from your soul.

You love me, but you don’t know why.
I would die for you, if ever given the chance.
And, God, if your grace can only entertain
just one prayer, make it this:
Please, look after her for me

and my mum (my family’s only rock)
and my sister (she has now returned)
and my sister’s children (that you have so mightily blessed).
Thank you for keeping us alive
because we have no one else.
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