I made this cover of The Beatle's "I Am The Walrus" on Garageband a while back. I used a microkorg, a EHX POG 2, a Fender Jaguar, and a Pearl Drum set. Most of the strings are simulated using guitar with the POG 2.

Some feedback would be rad! It's cool if you want to just tear it apart too.

Leave a link an I'll check out your stuff!


Its good to hear someone put so much love into a song . You did your homework on this . I don't think Id have the patience to do all the parts . I might have a few years ago .
This was my best liked timeframe for Lennon ,post Help ,pre White album,pre Yoko .He was over his little nervous breakdown ,didn't have to worry about touring anymore and getting into some pretty cool drugs . At this point he was still caring about the music a lot but this song shows he was not too worried about the lyrics .Enough about him how about you ?
Near as I can tell all the parts are there ,the structure is correct .The recording quality isn't as good as the original though . Im sure you will concede this . Why? Why in this digital age doesn't it sound much better ? I don't know anything about DAW Garageband . Their reputation is such that they are better than technology of 1967. This is like demo quality soundwise ,the work is superlative ,I appreciate it . Your singing was ok but it sounded like you were holding back . You may be like me . I can sing,a verylittle bit but I hate doing it cause it requires too much effort ,for me . . Seems the more pain the better I sound and I hate pain .
This was very good and I enjoyed it .
regards and respect
Quote by yope
Seems the more pain the better I sound and I hate pain .

im not completely sure if youre singing right