Hi all,

Recently decided that for the shear enjoyment, me and my Dad are going to build a whole guitar, from scratch, neck and all. Who doesn't enjoy a challenge ay!

I am going for a 7 string, potentially fanned fret design (TBC), and I am now at the initial stage of getting really lost in the arduous task of wood selection for neck and fret board. For me this is both an aesthetic and tone based decision so does hold key importance.

Woods i am liking at the moment are for either neck/fretboard:

Black Palmwood

Appreciate these are all very different, but interested to understand if anyone has touched upon these and worked/didn't?

I appreciate the need to be selective when it comes to the fret board, but does the choice in wood for the neck itself really have an impact on sound, if you take time and put a lot of effort into the finish and shaping of it?
Personally, i dont believe neck and fretboard wood have very much influence on sound.
The main thing to think about with neck wood is stability and stiffness, and gluing properties.
Also, depending on your body shape and wood, the weight of the neck wood will determine balance or neck dive.
Cocobolo is insanely oily and heavy. You would have to epoxy the fretboard on. Bubinga is also insanely heavy, i wouldnt use it for a neck on its own. I do like it as a fretboard though.
Palm Wood is extremely hard to handle/work with. You may have a difficult time with it. It can fray easy
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Thank you for the notes, be interested to understand what you would suggest for stability, I have looked at the photos of your guitars, those explorers look amazing!!

Also the Ash Slim SS, what woods have you used for the neck in that, i really like the aesthetics of it!