This was pretty awesome.

I would up the drums in the mix; they should be carrying the arrangement rhythmically, but I can hardly hear them.

The vocals are good, but they just don't fit the open parts. I'd either multi-track them, or use some effects; they just sound too dry, it especially felt awkward during the first minute.

Other than that, the only complaint I really have is that this is too orderly. The guitar solos are great, but under it, it's just the same riffs vamped over and over, with little variation to it. I think it'd be a lot stronger if you sat down with a guitar, listened, and found every spot you could throw in a variation, overdub a lick or fill, doubletrack or harmonize, et cetera. You don't have to use every single one you find, but if you sit down and jam over it, I think you could find some ways to make this more interesting. Some extra vocal tracks wouldn't hurt, either.

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