So I've been looking at diagrams and haven't been able to find out how to make mine for my setup.. I just picked up two pickups a bridge SD sh1 '59 and a bridge SD custom 5.

My guitar is a Jackson king v, not the best of my choices but still my axe, I have the threeway lever switch, two 500k volume pots, no tone. so I cut out the tone on a diagram except the switch is a regular three way.. I have no clue how to add my switch in place of it, I don't really require someone to do my diagram but if someone does I'd like them to explain what the wires are for and why they go where they do so I can have a full understanding, that's what I'm looking for.

So basically, what does the Green, Bare, Red, White, Black wires mean (I know where they're supposed to go.) and how do I include both the vintage style and the GBRWB into my setup. No tone two volume, bridge custom 5 and neck '59 with three way lever switch.

This is the closest I've found to my setup.. Do I just leave the tone out and have that work? Or what do I do.

I drew this up.. Can someone point me in the right direction if this I wrong or right

Oh yeah forgot to add my switch ground. Just ignore that part of it

every company is different but... green and bare wires are your grounds. red and white are soldered together to link the 2 coils on the humbucker together and the black is your hot

i think this is what you want... what else do you want to know?
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