Im going to start by saying i am new to this way of sharing music. So i apologize if my methods seem weird, not sure if i can insert a link or not.

anyway ill cut to the chase the song is on my profile called "As i die".

I wrote the song intending to have vocals,but problem is i can't sing! I don't really know what type of genre of metal this would fall into, but my influences can clearly be heard. Killswitch engage, as i lay dying, all that remains etc... it probably sounds generic to most but the quality is pretty high so at least you can clearly hear what i am playing!

I would like to hear your opinion! i am open to critiques or suggestions. Even if you as a listener you do not like it i would like to know!

Thank you in advance i would love to hear your music as well, i do not consider myself a great musician but i love to play guitar and write music! i feel like i have something to offer whether it be encouragement or suggestions. I love all kinds of music!
It sounds like the guitar is a little out of tune, mainly at the intro.
Then at 0:49 you can hear a fuzz, I don't know if it's the guitar when playing power chords or the cymbals from the drum track.
The guitar at the break sounds kind of sloppy, maybe you could use a rubber band to prevent other strings from ringing, I usually do that when recording.
The idea itself is pretty good, I like your influences, thus your music too. You just need to work on the sound and it will improve a lot!

Here's my metal song: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1640170
I believe the audible fuzz is audio clipping. You should try adding a little compression and lowering gain on your outputs. It could also use maybe a bit of a cut in the low-mid range area to clear up the sound. The riffing is spot on for metal core, and I think it sounds sick! This song has a bunch of great potential and sound just perhaps try mastering it a little more -- some more EQ and maybe bring the drums out a little more. Sick work though! Has a sweet grove.

Here's my work: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1640934
hey guys thanks a ton for the feedback i will listen to your songs i work a ton so finding time to actually listen with fresh ears and no distractions is a burden sometimes but i will!!

on a side note im no production master! the gear i use is not the best but thank you for the tips!