Anyone wanna brew?

Now, I realize that you can't generalize music. Some music is supposed to be themed, and other music is supposed to feel as real as a person and a guitar, and others are others. I think the story behind The White Stripes is pretty interesting.

How about, Yanni Virtuososaan, bred to shred.
Nobody knows HOW good he is.
Is it his job to please the crowd, to do the 'expected thing', ..or give them what HE believes they need to hear?
Something only he would know.
Like, it's not his fault everything he does sounds dolled up, that's just what happens when you know what you're doing.

The difference between always singing when you grab a guitar, and when you think about chord mapping in between playing. Now, I enjoy the most blues and most jazz, (WoNK is a great one, Bela, Estradasphere!) and but more than that, I love bands that just pump out power chords! Like Nirvana, The Offspring. They just are such great farkin' writers that when you hear the chords being played, it's theirs. They did what the chords themselves would have wanted, and there can't be any deeper satisfaction. Good job guys.

But yeah, if we don't stop and say something, every venue is going to be the same show!!!! It will be 'The Foreign Rainbows' and 'Under My Tree' roaming the Earth pretty soon. And bands like 'String Cheese' ..Are we allowed to voice our opinion in here? Don't steal those band names!

People! Get out there and do YOUR thing! Don't you feel so inspired during and after a live performance? Doesn't it feel great hearing a group of humans create something out of nothing? Does that inspiration change your plan!? I always think a million times each show, "They got away with WHAT!?" Like, if you're stuck, musically, go get involved.

Oh, that's it.
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