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It has been around for a while, and a few guitarists - Steve Vai in particular - swears by these freaky frets. The drawback is that the are a proprietary technology, so you either have to buy a neck from the company, as re-fretting an existing neck with those frets is difficult, if not impossible (the fret slots will not line up, so you would have to fill the slots with something and then have the crooked fret slots cut into the fretboard), or have one custom made. As I recall, the necks sold by that company are on the expensive side.
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Although they're very, very impractical and still don't fully solve the problem.

When a string vibrates, tension is acted on the string which causes its tuning to fluctuate rapidly. The harder the string is plucked, the greater the effect. No amount of 'true temperament' can resolve that- the quirk is inherent to the way that vibrating strings produce sound. Therefore it's physically impossible for any stringed instrument to perfectly intonate.
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I fist saw these on .strandberg* guitars. Seems interesting, but I wouldn't buy into it. Fanned frets is a weird as I would get.

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Personally, I like the guitar just as it is.

But I must say that, as there are a few well respected players who are using it, it has to have some merit to it.
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my comment is that few players are good enuogh to feel like they need this. it would take a lifetime of playing and a wicked good ear to pickup a perfectly setup regular guitar and thing its not good enough.
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