So I got a new keyboard and mouse. I have 2/9 keys on my mouse that I haven't used up and 5 buttons and 3 macros on my keyboard that are free. I know I wanna use them for something but I dunno I'm drawing a blank. Probably cause it's late lol. Anyways, anybody have some creative/useful things assigned to keys or some good macros I should use?

I've already got: Forward, back, switch-tab, and close on my mice. Still got 2 more.
As for keyboard, I'm thinking maybe open browser. Just seeing if anybody would mention something I really wouldn't think about.
Most people use them for controls in video games. The keyboard keys are good for games like Diablo where you have lots of different special abilities. The mouse buttons are really good for things that you really use a lot. On my mouse I have a volume up and volume down buttons so I just leave my physical speaker volume turned up to the loudest that I regularly use and then use my mouse buttons to control the system volume. I use those ALL the time. I also bound one key to Winamp's play/pause function so that I can play and pause music without pulling up the window. My other two mouse buttons I leave open for video game controls, what I use them for just depends on the game.
if you don't already have them, volume buttons are really useful, as well as a mute. I have a calculator set onto one of my keyboard ones. Also, my one came with a built in "Open browser" and a "Search"
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Yeah the volume buttons are sweet. Too bad my keyboard doesn't have dedicated volume buttons. I have to hold the Function key. Don't think there's a way around that since only the G keys are programmable.