Hi all

I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out what a mixed voice is sounds like... I keep hearing different examples of it and I wanted to see if the music sample that is on my profile:


is mixed voice.

I cut some parts out so that you can just hear the higher note parts

Also, if you guys have any examples I should follow or vids, please do tell

As far as I know mixed voice is the range of your voice between your head voice and your chest voice, where you can fully use or head voice, but you can't fully use your chest voice and you mix them because it sounds better than the head voice alone. So, you can't really say if something is a mixed voice or not by just listening to it, you'd have to know the singer to do so.

You can differentiate head voice and chest voice, because the head voice sounds weaker, even though it's a little bit hard to differentiate a good used head voice from chest voice. But differentiating mix voice from chest voice is almost impossible unless you have an excellent ear, because it has as much power as chest voice.

To differentiate it isn't important at all, the names only exists for you to know how you should feel when reaching certain notes.