Hey guys,

i'd like to take this opportunity to share some multitracks for you guys to
practice your mixing with. Just one track right now... but if you like the
track, let me know, got a couple more songs I can post.

if you like the track, you can check us out on:

Here's the track, called Resisting Temptation....


some info about the multitracks:

- clean DI guitars.

- DI bass

- Drum midi files

- the DI file for solo 1 guitar went corrupt so
the provided track isnt a clean DI but rather
the tone recorded using Axe-Fx.

TEMPO: 120bpm

would love to hear what you guys can cook up

Hey, thanks. Been wanting to work on some multitrack mixing this could be cool. Going to check it out.
Now I have a good mix to reference to this could be massively helpful. Dig the song as well. Thanks again not so good with mixing any help is appreciated.