I originally had made myself a pedal board that had 2 tiers on it, this way I could access the pedals in the second row. It worked nicely, but eventually I outgrew it so I decided to make a pedal train style board this time around. I built a board to the specs of a PT-2.

The problem I'm now having is that whenever I step on a pedal in the back row, my foot turns one of the knobs on a pedal in the front row. I ended up having to offset my pedals which greatly cut down on the amount I can fit on the board. So how do so many people deal with this issue? I see these types of boards everywhere and no one offsets their pedals. And yes, I have the board at an angle.
Yeah, this is pretty difficult to overcome. You'd have to space the pedals out strategically so that you won't touch any knobs on the bottom row. Your other option would be to buy a riser for pedaltrain boards so that you can raise certain pedals.
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Pedal riser or adjust your stomping technique
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idk. Don't stomp flat footed, angle your foot so you only hit the switch.

I use Gator boards which are angled like Pedaltrains. I imagine they're pretty similar.

You just learn how to do it over time I guess.
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Yeah this is a common problem, but I tend to just arrange it so things like dirt or anything with tap tempo are on the near row and then things like reverb that don't tend to get stomped mid-song are on the far row.
I've attached walking stick feet to raise my PT-3 to a bit of a steeper incline. That, together with using only the very front of my foot to turn on a pedal, helps me to avoid altering any control parameters or switching on anything unintentionally. My board has every pedal tightly packed, and I've only had accidental switching on one occasion while in the heat of the moment.

EDIT: As the above poster said, pedal arrangement helps, too. Generally you'll want to keep your most used (switching on and off frequently) pedals at the front, and always-on or infrequently used pedals nearer the back.
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Seems like a pain, I'm just gonna build another 2 level board and stomp away without having to be so careful lol. Thanks for the replies though.
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Just practice at it.

And/Or do something like this:


You don't necessarily need to use one of the pedaltrain risers (They are calling them boosters, but whatever).
I've used pieces of 2x4's to accomplish the same thing.
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