I bought a used Schecter Diamond Series Hellcat with a floating bridge and locking tuners not too long ago. I tried to restring it myself for the first time and grossly underestimated the task.

After hours of googling I haven't been able to find any info on the kind of locking tuners I have. There are no knobs or wheels on the underside of the headstock, instead in order to unlock the machine head there's this funky clockwise then counter-clockwise turn you have to do to the machine head itself in order to get the string unlocked once you've untuned the tuner as much as possible.

I have a ruler stuck underneath the floating bridge to hold the tension while the strings are off, but I've also left the high and low E on for that as well.

I've got 3 machine heads off but I can't for the life of me get these other ones off. I don't want to screw up the tension of my bridge by having the strings off too long. The machine heads get to the point where they aren't set, I can wiggle them back and forth with my fingers, but I can't pop it off and get the string out.

Does anybody have any info or knowledge to share that could help me figure this out? I'm still stupefied by the locking mechanism. When it's all strung and all the excess is cut off, locking tuners are amazing, but right now they're just a huge pain in my ass!

Picture update: Secured the A, cut the low E, still can't get the machinehead unlocked

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locking tuner, machine caps?

that's an 80s thing. if they arent working correctly,
you might need to swap them for more modern
locking tuners.

here's a newer version on a PRS

also try grover locking "self lock"s.

and robomatics, or Rotomatics,
"The worst locking tuners I've ever used are the Grover Locking Robomatics. They look similar to the ones found on Tom Anderson guitars, but they're very different in the way they work. They have a metal cap over the post with holes that line up with the holes in the post. The string tension causes the cap to pinch the string as the post turns. I had a lot of problems with the unwound strings slipping when putting on a new set, so much so that I just couldn't live with them."

edit: just to add, they may be after market. the only ones i saw were made by fender. so they may be a fender knockoff. additionally i've owned schecters and even my 90's schecter had brand markings on the tuners.

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I'm trying to change strings on my Schecter and have the same string locking set-up that you have. Did you ever figure them out? Thanks.