Hello fellow guitarists. After a few months of playing in home with my cheap old fernandes (i'm bass player mainly) i decided to start recording it, and i came to sad conclusion after many tests, that pickups are just not good enough for it. Sound is muddy, and not even close to what i want to achieve. i know that wood itself is worth putting some cash into it, so i decided to change pickups to more suitable, but i was never into "everyone is buying that, you should also" so i am searching a nice pickups, which will suit my needs.

First of all, they need to be rather universal. I don't stick to one/two sounds, and i like to play with it, so i don't want to have pickup, which sounds great on higain, and awful in clean sounds.

secondly, i hate muddy, fuzzy sound. i am fan of these modern, very "transparent" and compressed sounds on driven guitar, like basic djent sound, but less gained.

I am gonna mainly play stoner/sludge metal with it, so i think that moderate/high output will be most suitable, and then my knowledge ends, because i don't know many of pickups. i thought about sh-5 by s&d in bridge position, but i want to check something more "alternative" (i supp. i am a little bit hipster if it comes to guitar gear ) so i'm asking, if you know any good pickups in reasonable price (i don't say it needs to be under $50, but also bare knuckles for $200-$300 are a bit too expensive for my needs :P) i am looking forward into active pickups because of their recording possibilities, but i don't want to make more holes in guitar just to make battery pocket (pots cavity is small :< ) so i'd rather take passives, but if it will be necessary i'll try my best to fit in there actives.

At last, it is ssh guitar, so one day i will need to change middle pickup, so it will be nice if pickups will have later option to fit there one pickup, which will suit rest, and won't be very different form others.
btw, they need to be new, from shop, because i live in central Europe, so even if i wanted to buy them second hand, sending them from abroad will be expensive, and they rather will be not available in my country.

Sorry for my English, it is not my native language, and i hadn't spoken in it in years