Hello all, I am still entry level guitar player and the guitar I have used for about two months is from my cousin. I just wanna buy a new guitar, and I'd like some advice.

I have tried Gibson J-185 EC, a jumbo cutaway one and it is a guitar with easier playability. I love the warm sound. I wanna get one, but problem with budget. I just like some opinions that have you ever had such experience and then how do you do with it, just give it up or buy a similar guitar as a replacement? Or is there such a substitute?
Gibson J-185 EC is expensive one, but this guitar sounds great. Jumbo cutaway design is usually about good playability. But for an entry level guitar player, there is no need to spend so much on this branded guitar. Of course, if you could afford that guitar easily, that would be worthwhile. This guitar is made of spruce top and mahogany back and sides, very good wood. To get a substitute, you have either to get a jumbo acoustic guitar made of normal wood at cheaper price, like http://www.alldaysmusic.com/category/guitars/40-cutaway-mini-jumbo%C2%A0acoustic-guitar-package, or get a replica Gibson one at lower price.
part of me wants to say you should hold off if you've only been playing a couple months, as your preferences are still developing. the other part of me feels you've chosen a great guitar to like. i really like the J-185, and i haven't heard another guitar that sounds like it with its round gibson tones and controlled bottom end. there are guitars that may look similar in shape, but that doesn't mean they're similar in tone. i usually end up giving up the money for the guitar i like best when i can - when i haven't, i'm not usually satisfied with the substitute.

that being said, recording king makes a couple jumbos. there's the solid top RJ-06

and the solid top RJJ-116 mini jumbo, probably closer to the 185 in size

there's also the seagull mini jumbo, available at several models including the all solid maritime SWS

and their entry level solid top entourage model, which i see all the time at guitar centers

none of them have cutaways but this solid top model is a pretty complete package
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