Okay so I've been in the market for a nice electric for awhile now and came across this:

A friend of mine is selling his for R1100 (which is about $105) with a hardcase included. I mostly play on acoustic but really wanna improve my skills on an electric (right now I have a really bad cheap strat copy I got as a gift which I barely play).

Does anyone know anything about this guitar?
I was originally looking for something with 2 humbuckers but this one isn't half bad and seems to have good reviews all round.

I intend using this guitar for a LONG time, won't be upgrading my electric for a while and I'm a student so cash ain't easy to come by :P
Is it worth the money?
Try it. If he's a true friend, he will let you try it before you buy it.

If you like how it feels and stays in tune, get it. You can upgrade the tone later (pickups).
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Cool guitars. I'd definitely jump on it for $100.
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Agreed. For $100 that's a pretty darn good deal. Go for it.
If its legit go for it. $100 is a steal considering they resell used for almost triple that. I had a SA220FM and it was without a doupt the best playin guitar ive ever owned. The SA220FM is just the HH version of the 260.