I own a line 6 spider IV 15 and an epiphone dot and I'm Looking for amp settings for The songs: rock and roll and ramble on, by Led Zeppelin.
classic distortion, crank up mids, highs at 12 , lower bass .. dont expect miracles with spider 15
Unless you have access to Jimmys rig then no point asking about his settings as the results will be way off... Just aim to get a classic rock tone.

As echoshard1 said dial in a classic distortion, crank mids, 12oclock highs, lower bass
Dude if I were you I'd just keep messing with the knobs, listen for how they change the tone, and then create your own settings based on what you think sounds good, and maybe listen to some Zep while you do this. This is because the same amp settings for you and me will sound different since we aren't using the same exact guitar, so there's no point.
Yeah, the gear today is gonna be a lot different than it was then, no matter what you're using. I would just try to find your own sound and maybe use Jimmy's tone as a guide.
If you're trying to get his sound, it is virtually impossible as there is more to tone than amp settings...

And that is applicable for any guitarist. You may be able to get close, but it will never be the same.
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