Guitar is clipping before I set input levels. Please help i'm close to crying!

Here's a pic of my problem:

I'm recording in via a rocksmith game usb lead which i've used for countless tracks successfully on my old laptop. The input channel on cubase 5 isn't clipping and changing the input level through windows has little effect until it's barely coming through at all. I've tried running it through an fx pedal set to clean acting as a pre amp that didn't work. Then i tried running it though my line 6 amp to do that same thing, again didn't work. I just now i tried though a mixer and it's still clipping! Could it be on the guitars end? It's a gibson les paul and could probably do with some new strings. We're recording in drop D and when hitting the open D it's rattling quite a bit. Could it be the humbuckers themselves aren't handling the signal?

Sorry for the wall of text i'm tearing my hair out!

Thanks for any help.
No guitar problem.
That's an interface problem.
The interface's converter is clipping so the signal goes to the computer all squished.

Can you try it out with another interface?

Edit: wait the second audio clip is clipped at a lower level.
What did you change between the two recording?
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Have you tried turning the guitar down? if it's clipping on the input, just lower the actual signal level.