Hey musicians, guitarists and music lovers!

I've got a guitar for over 2 years now, and had about 9 months of practice, but i never, never got motivated to play at home.
Now i got more into metal and harder heavier songs, ( aswell as punk ). And now i'm motivated i wondered if you guys got some awesome metal/rock/punks songs to play!
I can already play songs like ''hell song'' from sum41, and a little bit of ''master of puppets'' from metallica. Ofcourse i need some easier songs than master of puppets because i haven't played in a while.
Well, you gotta find a few metal CDs and listen to them. See what you like. My favorite metal song to play is probably The Conjuring by Megadeth.
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Go learn some black sabbath; it's easy, fun, very recognizable by pretty much any metal heads and you learn the basis for loads of metal techniques.
Black sabbath and metallica covers all the basics of metal playing. Songs like For whom the bell tolls are even beginner friendly, something complete wet ear can learn. Creeping Death is also simple to learn but is a good downpicking workout you practice for a long time to get up to right speed (and accurately. Dont push it!), a good step towards Master of puppets.

For extreme styles Bolt Thrower is great due to the slow/medium pace, groove oriented songs. You wont get over your head like you would with most death metal bands.

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