Okay everyone, I have a couple questions that I have had on my mind about my 7 string. I am fresh to the 7 string buzz, and hope that you all can help me out.

1. Will EMG HZ7-A pickups fit in an ESP LTD M-17?

2. Will baritone strings co-exist with a 25.5" scale? If so, where can i get them?

3. What is a good 7 string brand that i can get for less that $1,000 U.s.?

Thanks Guys!
I'm no expert, so don't quote me on anything. That being said:

1. As long as the guitar doesn't have a tremolo, and the pickups aren't spaced for a tremolo, they should fit.

2. The main differences between baritone strings and regular guitar strings are that baritone strings are thicker, and have a longer scale length. I assume you intend to try them on you M-17. If so, ESP uses the same string gauges for seven string guitars and baritone guitars, so they should fit.

3. My answer would be either ESP or Ibanez.

Hope this helps.

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baritone strings on a 25.5 will still be flappy as all hell, I would go with a longer scale
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