hey so i just got home from buying a head and a cab...a line 6 spider IV hd 150w with an orange ppc4x12. My friend says they are compatible but i just want to make sure before i connect anything i wont blow anything up. The cab is 16 ohms but there are 2 inputs on the back and they are not labeled as far as I can tell. The head has a left 8 ohm output and a right 8 ohm output. Do i just put a speaker cable from each of the outputs to each of the inputs? Thanks you! Please answer fast I'm dying to try it at home!!!
don't quote me on this, but i think it should be ok to plug one end of a speaker cable to either of the 8 ohm outputs on the amp head and the other end of the speaker cable to either of the two inputs on the cabinet.

that's a mismatch in impedance (punch your friend*) so (far as i'm aware) with a solid state amp you just won't be getting full power transfer.

* not really.
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Yes it will work, but you will only use 1 output of the head, unless the cab is a stereo cab. If it is not a stereo cab and you run both outputs of the amp into both inputs of the cab, you will **** up either the head, cab or both
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