Anyone had any experience with these guitars? If so, are they well built?
not all alvarez are alike, but even their lowest end seem pretty well built and sound pretty good. i almost bought a mid-level all solid alvarez that sounded really nice, and then there are the alvarez yairis at the top end. their solid top parlor is pretty popular on AGF.
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Good guitars across the board imo, Competitive with other makes in any price range.
I actually played an Alvarez acoustic-electric guitar for the first time 3 years ago, loved how if felt on my fingers and sounded so much that I bought it the same day. As a result, one of my brothers got my old Ibanez PF-5 acoustic as a fair trade.
One of the best sounding acoustics I've ever heard and played including Martin's and Gibson's. I have the AD60 and I love it. Got it for $319 and was a steal. Definitely get yourself and Alvarez,you won't regret it
I don't know about the higher models, but the RT-26 that I tried had poor workmanship, with excess glue around the joint where the neck and body meets.
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Yeah i own the Alvarez AD70SCE and it's a fine guitar-rosewood back and sides-good 'bassy' sound.
Alvarez really does make amazing AFFORDABLE guitars that sound great and are built to last. Def give them a try unless you wanna pay over $1200 for a Martin D18 with essentially the same specs.