Original instrumental metal track inspired by Shadow of Chernobyl's tale of the mythical Wish Granter.

Composition, drums/keyboards/bass programming and guitars by myself. Sorry for the not-so-good video quality and amateur editing. I used an ordinary digital camera, my next to nothing editing skills and free software to record the video part. Any critiques or comments are most welcome! Send me your links and I'll try to review them as well. See you around!

Link: http://youtu.be/u17mKT-0t9c
Actually pretty cool. The main themes have a very grim quality to them, which I assume you aimed for so that's good. I'd say, try to combine some more contrasting variation in some of the secondary themes. For that reason I really liked what was going from about 4:00 to 5:30. It had a more drastic change of the harmony and feeling. I'd say some of the lead guitars had a so-so flow to them, and regarding the mixing it is fine for a home recording.

I have something I composed but didn't get to record, so I've uploaded a Guitar Pro preview of it. Really not the best way of representing it, but anyway, if you don't mind giving it a listen:

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