it's october
it's early in the morning, too early to be awake
she tells me it's the afternoon and gives me a disappointed look
she sits beside me as i lie behind her
my sunken red eyes look past
i'm thinking about how sweet her voice sounds when she sings
but she interrupts me
'who hurt you? who hurt you so badly?'
she can hit them high notes, i love her falsetto, her chest voice,
her soft hands, her cups of tea -
she cuts my train of thought as she stands over me
the tsunami hits as she speaks:
'i won't ever leave you'
ironically she gets up and she leaves the room
and me, not moving, lying there
i think of her.

her voice was beautiful when she spoke
she couldn't sing but i loved it when she did
her cups of tea were my favourite
she had these personal looks; they were only for me
she hated wearing her hair up but i loved it so
when i was sad she would pin it up for me
she'd sleep in so late every morning i wouldn't care
i would watch for hours as her eyes moved in her sleep
she gave the most perfect forehead kisses
and she smiled a smile that could ****ing cure cancer
when you laid them on her own forehead, her nose, her cheek
she loved me
s h e l o v e d m e
but she left me and she hurt me