Hi, I'm ok at shredding like odd number of notes on one string, then on the next, and odd number, and then so on, but when for example i have to shred like, for example, 10 on string 1, then 13 on string 2, repeatedly one after the other so its like string 1 fret 10, string 2 fret 13, string 1 fret 10, string 2 fret 13, and so on.... I can't shred at all like this... how do i do this?
You slow down to a tempo were you can do it and work on making it perfect rather than making it faster.
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Stop using the word "shred"

You're just playing the guitar, if you're having problems then it's probably because you think "shredding" is some sort of special technique, when in reality it's just a catch-all term for generally being very good technically at playing the guitar.

If your technique isn't excellent then whatever you're doing isn't shredding whichever way you look at it.
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Pretty sure anyone who uses the word shred can't actually shred.
That was hard to understand. Practice your alternative picking in between strings. If your playing triplets and going down the strings start with a down stroke and it will lead to the next string. Vice versa going up.
Are you alt picking or eco picking? Well in both cases you need to slow down drastically so that you can play fluently any number of notes per string, your right arm must not be tense and move as little as possible.