Hi everyone,

I've got a Pod HD500X that I've been using with a Laney solid state amp on the clean channel for a few months now and this set-up has been pretty great for me. However, I'll be going to university in a different country soon.

I was thinking of using headphones or perhaps purchasing cheap (and small) PC speakers to use in the dorm room, but thus far the headphones out on the Pod has sounded pretty bad to me. The sound has mostly been kind of fuzzy with little clarity. I've used a 1/4 inch to 3.5mm converter with my Shure SE215 earphones whenever I've tried the headphones out. I'm assuming if I were to get PC speakers they would be connected through the same port.

So my question is, do I need to get a specific type of headphones/speakers for my use, or is an alternative set-up possible? I did get a decent sound when I plugged my earphones into the unbalanced out, with the output set to line. The impedance of the SE215 earphones is 20 ohms, and after research, I understand that it might be too low for this use. I would prefer to not purchase a cheap/second-hand amp once I've arrived at university due to portability issues. I'd have a budget of maybe 120-160 USD for this.

TL;DR: I need a small and portable solution to use my Pod HD500X with.

Thanks in advance!
Those little buds are just crap, man. Audio Technica make some decent cans on a budget.
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Those little buds are just crap, man. Audio Technica make some decent cans on a budget.

+1 I have the same problem with my buds. Sounds like a can of bees. Same happed when I do headphones out on my interface.
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Yeah headphones out is kind of a weak spot for most multi-effects. You'll also notice that if you manage and make a passable tone for headphones use it will not sound as good as you thought if you hear it through an amp or a pa.
Hmm okay, thanks for the replies. Any idea if it's worth a shot to get a headphone amp and plug that into the unbalanced out of the Pod?
Just get a pair of good headphones.
A headphones amp probably won't change the sound enough for you to appreciate it, while a pair of good headphones will IYAM.

The headphones Cath's talking about are the ATH-M50, have a look at them.
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I have relatively cheap Audio-Technica M30s and they sound good from my POD HD headphone out.

Just to add on to what the others are saying.
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