I would like to start a blues collection.... what are your top 5 essential albums to own?

**this topic probably had been done before, but i`m drunk and search isnt really working for me.... plus this section of the site is dead and needs another "fresh" topic **

Back on topic i recently bought/borrowed/stole the following...

John Mayall - Beano album
Rory Gallagher - big guns 'best of'
Hendrix - experience hendrix 'best of'
the 'RPM' blues story - compilation
3 cd blues compilation - 'blues breakers'... muddy waters, JLH, mayall, clapton, winters..
4 cd blues compilation - 'nothin' but the blues' muddy waters, buddy guy, JLH, jimmy reed, sonny boy.....

So the question is what else should i add to my library?
Anything by Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, and Howlin' Wolf. They be ma favs. But probably After the Rain by Muddy Waters, check out Rollin' and Tumblin' its a great song.
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B.B. King Live in Cook County Jail is a classic,

Any Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble album is worth owning, though I would argue In Step is the most interesting one,

They're usually described as southern rock (God knows why...), but the Allman Brothers At Fillmore East is excellent and has a couple of really well-interpreted, well-played blues classics (e.g. Stormy Monday, Statesboro Blues) as well as two of the most coherently performed jams I've ever heard (Whipping Post and You Don't Love Me, both hold together almost as actual, structured songs despite 20 minute durations),

I wouldn't say any of my other blues albums are "must-own" but for blues rock look at the original form of Fleetwood Mac (before Peter Green left) and nab yourself more Rory Gallagher because that man was unbelievable.

Also I couldn't tell you much about the album because I don't own it, but Nina Simone Sings the Blues is pretty great from what I've heard. The album title's perhaps a slight misnomer given the varying style but Backlash Blues is a great blues track.

For older blues I'm no expert but Elmore James, Robert Johnson, Django Reinhardt seem like obvious ones to look at. I'm fairly sure there's an album with everything Johnson ever recorded around that you can get for about a fiver, and that stuff's been covered by a lot of people over the years (Clapton, Red Hot Chili Peppers, SRV, Buddy Guy, Jeff Healey - if you go on wikipedia you can find enormous lists of covers for probably the majority of his songs)
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The London Muddy Waters sessions, and the Howlin' Wolf version, the Robert Johnson box set (and either of Clapton's 2 RJ tribute albums, they're both great), "Showdown!" with Robert Cray, Albert Collins, and Johnny Copeland, "Blues at Sunrise" by Albert King, "Still Got the Blues" by Gary Moore, and I dig some old harp/guitar duo stuff like Buddy Guy and Junior Wells' old stuff. He's not very well-known, but Matt "Guitar" Murphy is an old session musician who has a few solo albums, the best of which is "Way Down South". He's got a smooth, laid-back Tele style that's awesome (he was the big black guitar player in "The Blues Brothers", who was married to Aretha).