I find that when standing up and the guitar at an angle...picking sounds more scratchy due to the angle. Anyone else notice that? When sitting down and the neck more parallel to the ground you can get a more clearer sound.
Sitting or standing doesn't matter. It's your picking technique. Control the pick the way you want to and don't let standing or sitting determine your picking technique.
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Yes, I noticed that for a long time. Eventually I got more comfortable with the instrument and with my picking hand so that it didn't make as noticeable of a difference, but it still did and does to some extent.

If you need to, wear the guitar high when standing up to emulate the feeling of sitting down. Who cares what people say as long as you can play? Whatever is comfortable.
Yeah it just comes with control over the instrument. I sat down for ever when i started. Years really because i had no need to stand up i played only for my personal enjoyment without a band. Now its been many years and i stand up when i practice my songs so im use to standing up playing them as positions are slightly different. I play a jackson rhoads so i have two standing positions when i play. A solo position and a normal standing and playing position. You'll do what you need to do. If you dont need to stand up to play yet, sit down and get good command over your instrument. Stand up from time to time to get familiarized with the feeling. You'll be standing playing and singing at the same time in no time!
I started standing up after playing for 2-3 years sitting down. Then some time after that, I just set my strap shorter so that playing sitting or standing up, my guitar would be at the same level.

As mentioned, the sound you get comes from the angle of your pick, which can be controlled by your hand and is not solely dependent on the angle of your guitar.

Paul Gilbert has an instructional on this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpJNUGHxC3M&hl=en-GB&gl=SG
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Yeah, I agree with TV. Most people play with their guitars too low. My sitting position is fairly similar to my standing position, with the neck just slightly angled up. I only played strictly sitting for a short time when I started, mostly due to not having a suitable chair/stool at the time, and tend to play standing more often than not unless I'm just messing around while I'm watching TV or the like.

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Yup, don't have your guitar hanging down like you're in a bloody crabcore band.

Tom Morello's position is very comfortable for me.
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I can play both fine because I keep the guitar at the same height as when I'm sitting. 99% of the time I play sitting though, simply because why stand in my room when I have a chair.
When i first ever tried playing standing i thought it was impossible, but at the time i was ignorant and didn't realize my strap was too low. One day not too long after that i realized that if you play with the strap at the same height it's pretty much identical to playing sitting down.
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Doesn't make a difference for me. I have the guitar in the exact same position and height when sitting as when standing, since i use classical posture. (Left foot on a stool and resting my guitar inbetween my legs). When i sit like this i adjust my strap so if i stand up the guitar is in the exact same position. So everything i can do sitting down, i can do standing up.
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I made the mistake of learning most everything sitting the first 2 years. Don't do that, practice standing up.