Hi, I got a guitar with a floyd rose(floating) and it seems to be staying tune mostly. But when I have the low E in tune and I dump the bar and bring it back up the the string will be a quarter step Down and when I pull on the bar the other way and back it'll be back in tune. This only happens to the low E by the way.

Could you please tell why this happens and how to fix it. Also the guitar and floyd rose are brand new it's a floyd rose 1000 not a licensed. I'm 100% sure the nut is locked down tight. Also it still has factory strings on. Sorry for the terrible grammar.

Shit floyd rose issues suck sometimes. Some one might know exactly how to fix this. But checkk the springs on the back and make sure all the bolts and screws are tight and arent moving any.
If the strings are old and the guitar is brand new from factory, it's likely they aren't stretched in properly.

I'd pick up some new strings and put them on. Depress and floyd a bunch and really stretch them in. I do it for a few minutes every time. Tune up and it should improve massively. I've had guitars with no-name/copy floyds and it helps a lot.
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