I'm changing out the speakers in my Peavey Valeveking 212 and I had a question. The wires seems pretty straight forward, however there is a slight problem. There is a positive and negative wire going from the speakers to each other. That wire is too short with the new speaker because of how that part on the speaker is placed.

Where can I get that wire and what is this wire called? I need longer versions of those. Also, can I use the speakers without the wire in the middle of them until I get the wire from somewhere? it won't cause any damage to the speakers or amp, will it?
You can't use it until it is all wired up, it will damage it.

Any wire will do as long as it's not too thin, and I assume has those "quick disconnect" terminals. Try the hardware store.
But did you try rotating the speakers so that the side with the terminals are closer together?

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I checked Home Depot and they didn't have then pre made, but they had the tips and I didn't know what type of wire to get. Does anyone know how to make these wires and what type of wire is needed?

Or anywhere where I can get them pre made and a little longer?

The speakers are already in the position where the connections are closest to each other it's just that the wire is still too short
The connectors are called FastOn and they're dead simple to use.
More or less any wire will do y' know, something like your everyday 2mm thick stranded wire for example.

Then have a look at this picture which explains how to put wire and connector together.

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