Hi guys and girls.

I'm in my final year at uni, trying to do some research for my final project - building a guitar modeling software / emulating pedals and things.

I have a short survey and was wondering if you would be able to fill it out as part of research?

Im just your average crazy rocker
I did the survey.

Personally I prefer to use pedals rather than have them built into the amp. All I really want out of an amp is a good distortion, good clean, and an effects loop - and maybe reverb. I'll use pedals for anything else I want.
I have a multi effects processor but the main effects that I used on it are a chorus, a classic rock type distortion, reverb is in the amp and I use a delay or a flanger on some things.

^ $115?

Why didn't you get a 3630 for that money!?
Like, for serious?

Anyway, I use a compressor (Alesis NanoCompressor), and a high gain distortion (Joyo Pocket Metal, something like a stripped down clone of the metal muff).
I'm also building myself an envelope filter (supposed to be a DOD440) because I love the wah sound but I just don't like having to use my foot to control the thing.
Name's Luca.

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"This survey is currently closed. Please contact the author of this survey for further assistance."

i`m using a Digitech rp250 just now but would like to move to individual stomp boxes...

I`ll probably go for a simple set up... OD, Fuzz, Reverb, Delay.

I dunno if its me getting older but i just cant be assed with the amount of variables of a multi fx.... i just wanna plug my guitar in and play.
Looks like the survey's not up any more. Please message me if it's being put back up.