Thanks for sharing the cover. I love Bring Me the Horizon so it is a pleasure to comment on the performance. To cut a long story short I want to say that this is an amazingly good cover. BMTH is one of the most characteristic bands out there, it is not easy to achieve a tone, which would stand up to the task of performing any of their stongs. Fortunately enough, you did it!
The only reservation that I have concerns the loudness of the recording. Sometimes I have a feeling that the backing track is a bit too loud and as a result it is hard to hear if you are playing 100% accurately or is it just a backing track which 'covers' your playing.
All in all, wonderful performance. Hope to see some more

Kind Regards!

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Hey man great cover , I'm a big fan of BMTH. Tone was good, playing was perfect. Like b3guitar said, you should include more of your guitars sound in the mix.

Do you mind sharing your setup/gear ?

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Perfect quality and flawless playing, you just nailed the song and there's nothing bad I can say about it (maybe that you should've plugged in the guitar because you could have a big amount of morons telling you that 'ur not plyn gtfo n0ob dis fake')

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