As the music-notation and theory nerd in my band, I usually spend my time writing music or similar stuff. Now this, is something similar, but it's not a "first-writte, then learn" song. This is a song we made duing our last practice, and since our vocalist lives so far away, and he likes tablature files to practice with, I had to sit down and write down the whole thing.

This song is called Daemon Sapiens, and it is about those who rule the masses, and what might happen if power comes into the wrong hands.

It is inspired by medieval Organum-singing in the chorus, so I had to write the melodies of the vocal.

The drums are something I filled in with, since i can't play drums and our drummer weren't there.. And I like drums in my tabs.

What do you guys think?
Daemon Sapiens.gpx
I like it, though I feel like the break section starting at bar 77 could be a bit more developed.
I see what you mean, Tritao. Even though this is just a practice file, and the drums are probably not gonna be used, I want the files to be as good as possible.. Do you have any suggestions? (ANd it's the chorus, not a break )
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