Anybody have any idea what I should do to jam with triads? I like them and I pretty much know the shapes but I'm not sure how to use them, other than just an alternative way to play chords in another kind of voicing/tone.
You seem to be mistaken about what a triad is. A triad is not a particular voicing. A triad is any three note chord. A G major chord has 3 notes in it (G-B-D) and is a triad no matter what, whether you're voicing it 3-2-0-0-3-3 or x-10-9-7-x-x. An E minor chord has 3 notes in it (E, G, B) no matter what, whether you're voicing it as 0-2-2-0-0-0, or x-7-5-4-x-x, or any other combination of those three notes you can think of (maybe 0-7-5-4-0-0? 0-14-14-0-0-12? Anything).
Learn and analyze the note to chord relationships in the first solo to Comfortably Numb, that's a good place to start, if that's too easy try Marty Friedman's first solo in The Punishment Due, you don't have to play it like him, just look at the notes he plays over G and Bb7 and when. Triads and larger arpeggios made from stacked triads work great over their parent chord, but also over any number of chords. Start using only chords in the same key. So in the key if C Major you can try a C Major triad, or you can use a Dm, Em, F, G, Am, Bdim. Use your imagination and your ears and when you find something you like play the shit out of it in every key do it's always in your pocket, waiting for you. Oh and I just thought of another good example, check out the tail end of the Hotel California solo where the outline the chords with harmonized triads, good luck mang!
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