I was hoping someone could help me with a problem I am having with my Boss ODB-3 pedal. I love the pedal and the tones I can get from it when playing at home in isolation.
However, when practicing with my band, there is a constant high-pitched feedback that seem's to be caused by the pedal (i.e. it's not the guitarists and only stops when I remove the pedal from my rig).
Just to be clear, this only occurs when playing with the band, and not when plugged into my amp/setup (which is the same) at home.

I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to stop this happening, as I really want to use this new gear in a band situation, but high-pitched feedback is never a good thing.

The rig I'm using is:
Ashdown Mag300 Combo - Polytune - Boss ODB3 - Ibanez SR500.

TL;DR: How do I stop overdrive/fuzz pedal feedback?

Thanks for any help in advance, and if you need more info then just ask!
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A few possibilities...

Is there only feedback when the ODB3 is on?
If so the gain might be too high (this is the usual feedback problem with guitar, not so much for bass)

Is there feedback when only standing in certain places, ie, close to the amp?
Standing too close to an amp or especially facing the amp can cause feedback, alternatively, a microphone pointing at an amp has the same effect.

If the bass is active (which I think it is) then it might not agree with the ODB3. Some bass and pedal combinations don't always sit well together.

The pedal
Faulty ODB3, possibly, but not likely.

I would say it would most likely be one of the first two, as it only happens at practices.
Is it a new problem?
Is it non-stop and uncontrollable?
Thanks, JKing. I don't think it's the gain as I have that turned quite low (I'm using it mainly for tone rather than the distortion sounds it can produce).
I'll try the placement at next practice, there is a microphone which is now a prime suspect.

In answer to your other questions;
I've only just joined the band and it has occurred on both occasions that I have jammed with them.
It is non-stop and seemingly uncontrollable, but I will give your suggestions a go and try to work it out from there.
No problem, hopefully that sorts it out, if the feedback is from your rig.