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22 51%
13 30%
1 2%
1 2%
6 14%
Voters: 43.
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Existential anxiety has to do with the big questions of life, its meaning and which is our place in it; to the Doctors Good and Good, existential anxiety is about despair, alienation, and emptiness, and there are people who suffer from such feelings, it certainly can be a problem for some of them.
While, as you can see from the norms, the average score on the existential anxiety scale was only 5, but the authors reported that in their sample of 200 people, some scores were as high as 26.

In the past the world was a relatively predictable place. People grew up in stable families, and they had a fairly clear sense of what their roles in the world and society would be. Now we live in a changing world, and a world in which every generation have less common principles to embrace, long have been gone the flower children, the excess of the 80's, and the already cynical "generation X" from the 90's. Is this sustained and rapid change in society plus the emergent and evergrowing consumerism that try to cope with the lack of certitude that have made difficult for people to know which is their place in the world, and understand how they fit in.

scored a 30

how existentially anxious r u
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this is stupid
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20 is that good or bad?
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

I got a 2 and I think that's because I said I find religion rather empty.
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brot pls

I'm pretty sure the question 'I find life meaningless' showed up more than once in that
ggg1 ggg3

I got a 4 but I don't think this test really means anything.

I am in general not concerned with things though so at least that seems accurate.
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don't care for existential bullshit tbh i'm here whatever

24, probably just because I have different feelings towards 'my life' and 'life' in general. Would've been higher had I treated 'life' as 'my life'.

Also, what a dumb test. All the questions are essentially the same, and they might as well have just asked "do you suffer from depression" because that's pretty much what ever question was asking.
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Dat Grammar And Typos

EDIT: Got a 0 though


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lol @ this stupid test.

So many questions I feel warranted more than a yes or no answer.
Got an 11. Quiz wasn't very good and didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. All I know is that my life up to this point has been a waste and I need to step it up in the future.
I got a 1. I guess I'm not a nihilist.
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I got 26, apparently that's a bad thing

My life does seem to be basically pointless at the moment, but I enjoy it, so whatever
also, what's up with this poll? It doesn't represent the possible data at all..


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I got 20 (52nd percentile).

Also, if anyone's confused about the score/percentile table vs the graph they show you, if you read the text it says the table is from a study made in the 70s and the graph is the result of this test. They had the table there from the start and they can't change it now or something like that.

Woe is me or some such shit.
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but wait... no one cares, because it's not important.
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I will say this: the person who created this survey should just end it.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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22. Never thought i'd visit OKCupid in my life. So I guess thats gotta mean something right? RIGHT?!
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7.. but the scoring is bs

I do experience some sort of "existential anxiety" from time to time but it's radically different than what this test is supposed to be about
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i'm a weak but moderately moody D&D character with an angst level of 26

i like how the thingy said the test was biased towards the school of thought that person ascribed to
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+ ****ing 1

i've got a point

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Already medically diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Shitty quiz.
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