Hello, everybody.

I have done a number of small solo performances with my Yamaha THR10, and have up until now been placing a microphone (which runs to the PA) in front of the speakers, which has had decent results.

I have another performance coming up soon and I am wondering if running a cable from the "PHONES" jack straight to the PA mixing board would give me a better sound. If I were to run a cable to the mixer, should it be a shielded cable? I know very little about these matters, and would like to avoid taking a chance and potentially frying something inside the amp.

I don't know if them speakers are bad, but they're not big enough to convincingly reproduce a guitar's sound at appreciable volumes, so imo a cable from the phones output would work better.

Regardless of the sound you'll not fry anything, don't worry.
You don't even need a shielded cable, no, just use a decent quality one.
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As already said, you won't damage anything by doing it, so it's worth giving it a shot just to see if the results please you.
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