I have an issue with my acoustic guitar. Was going to post in the 'acoustic guitars' thread but the description of this thread mentions guitar modifying, so I thought this thread to be just as appropriate? This is not so much of a modification as it seems like maybe just guitar maintenance but anywho....

I have a Breedlove Passport 250C acoustic guitar. It is a fairly nice guitar compare to some others I have played. I payed $650 for it, nearly brand new, the mids sound amazing, and I enjoy playing it more than some guitars that are priced well over $1,000.

My issue... my high E string hits a nasty sound on the 12th fret. I guess it would be a 'dead fret,' so to say? When I pluck the string while chording the 12th fret, it sounds like a B on the 14th fret.

Are there any kind of solutions to fixing an issue like this? Or , will one of my favorite guitars never be able to play the 12th fret on the high E string? Any help is much appreciated.


(1st time posting and just found this forum today, look forward to posting in the futute.)
Sounds like the 14th fret has a high spot. If it is already fully seated in the slot then you can have it levelled and re-crowned. This is a job for a professional.
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