Hi I got a guitar with a FR-1000 and I put new string on and stretched the strings a lot and setup the whole thing in tune and the bridge is sitting parallel with the body. But when I dump the bar every string I'll go out of tune a little bit and when I pull on the bar the string will come back to proper pitch. Also the locking nuts and saddles are nut. Why does this happen

Couple of things... 1) lube the trem blade with some chapstick. 2) if the springs aren't stretched enough they can lose tension quickly as the spring coil close up. To fix #2 you could remove a spring and tighten the claw to get the tension back up.
If the tremolo is brand new, then it rules out worn knife edges on the base plate. Assuming the strings are stretched, the issue probably lies in the springs somehow. Try removing (or adding) a spring and set up the Floyd again, see if that helps.

*Tip: loosening the strings makes adding/pulling springs infinitely easier
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I was having major issues with my floyd's tuning stability (especially when pulling up or down) due to the actual nut (not the nut blocks) not being screwed into the neck tight enough. I tightened the two screws holding the nut in place, re-intonated, and tightened the nut blocks up moderately, and ive had big success with improving tuning stability. Best of luck. Floyd rose can be a pain
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