I'm trying to sell my old Roland 30X Cube but unfortunately all the amp models sound like a clean channel now.

Any advice? If there's a lot of hassle/cost involved to fix this issue then I probably would sell it for really cheap instead of trying to fix it (might actually save time and money this way...since it's a cheap amp)

Yes, there doesn't seem to be an option to reset (but the cube 40XL and the 80 do have such an option)
Frankly, apart from the obvious things like cleaning sockets I wouldn't even bother trying to fix a Cube. They are a disposable consumerable. If it had no volume at all then maybe I might check the power transistors but if the problem is inside the DSP section (like yours seems to be) I'd just drop it in a dumpster and move on.

Edit: Actually, I'd rat it for parts and then drop it into a dumpster. I never throw away transformers unless I know they are broken.
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