Does anyone know of any 7 string guitars shaped similarly to the schecter avenger or the b.c rich mockingbird? I have not liked the schecter or bc rich 7 string models that I have tried out but I love their shape. Not too pointy. Not too plain. I'm looking for something around 700-1000$
Would you go for an Ibanez IC507? http://www.zzounds.com/item--IBAIC507

I owned a Mockingbird and prefer the Iceman shape much more as far as ergonomics go.
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Well; the Mockingbird is pretty much sui generis - there just is not anything else that is shaped like it. That is why you can always tell a Mockingbird the instant that you see it. Schecter's Avenger guitar is not nearly as off-the-wall, but it is still different, to be sure. The Ibanez Iceman IC507 that was already mentioned might be a good choice.
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I'm surprised that you didn't like the Schecter or the BC Rich. I've heard nothing but great things about both guitars. The Ibanez is probably your best bet.