Greetings everyone, my first time posting on here so sorry if there has been a post about this before. But I'm wondering what everyone's opinion on what is more important.... practicing on guitar skills or writing songs? What's your opinion?

Thanks in advanced.
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I'd say both are equally important, but it depends on what your long-term goals are.

If you want to excel at playing and are given what to play (by playing other bands' songs, or by having a band member writing everything they want you to play, for example), you can focus solely on your playing technique.
But this is only if you don't want to invest in the creative process.

On the other hand, practising the songwriting process too may contribute to develop your technique as well.
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Learn to use the tool first and foremost.
Write while you do.

No reason it is an "either/or" proposition.
To me, it's a both.
I focused more on the writing process over the years, which eventually lead me to focusing more on mixing as a matter of course - noone wants to hear their "awesome" song presented in a shitty way. Guitar just became a tool in the end, I feel that I more or less suck at it now as I just don't devote the time to it as I should. AngryHatter kinda nailed it. I find difficulty putting down most of my work as a result of my level of skill.

There are other means to getting your ideas down though, I just prefer recording them instead.